Icy February

Well February bought about 2 inches of solid ice to the area. The highs lately have been just barely reaching the teens, so the streets, paths, and even parts of the fields are giant ice-skating rinks! Not sure if the pictures even do it justice.

Ice skating ring in the parking lot

Ice skating ring in the parking lot

So much ice.

So much ice.

Ice, ice, everywhere!

Ice, ice, everywhere!

I went out to see O with ever intention of hoping on and riding. However, once I skated, slid, and stumbled my way to her field, I gave up. I was not going to make my 4 legged shoed horse struggle back to the barn. Especially when I was really only planning on a light ride anyway. Not worth the danger.

So I checked her blanket, stuffed her with treats, and scampered back to my car. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit better, because a ‘monster’ snow storm is due on Tuesday!

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3 thoughts on “Icy February

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