Rhino lost

My recent preventative of tons of sleep, and vitamin C has failed me. I am sick.


It sucks.

What could make that better you ask? You get a text saying your horse has ditched her blanket somewhere in her field and there is the possibility that the ridiculous wind from the sound has whisked the Rhino away. Grrreeeaaattt.

I layered up, grabbed a sympathetic friend and we went to go hunt for it. Thank goodness that the sun is staying out later now, because we managed to find it before dark. O was ‘naked’ and hiding in the far corner. I’d like to say she felt guilty, but she is an EXPERT at getting this blanket off, and I think she was secretly gloating. Jokes on her. I made it that far, I was definitely going to make her work. Into the barn came pony for a quick ride.

We found the blanket still all buckled up...which means she essentially shimmied out of it somehow.
We found the blanket still all buckled up…which means she essentially shimmied out of it somehow. Buckles still holding from their fall time fix.

She cracked me up because she was obviously very eager under saddle, but would remember about one lap into each gait that she was exhausted. I had already been told that with a new horse turned out with her (poor guy) and a neighbors loose horse had set the horses to running like loons all day. Pony was tuckered out.

I called it quits after a short ride, and quickly untacked.

Cute little kids were all over the barn last night, so I gave O to one of them for a minute while I helped her older sister out (and yes, she had been around horses plenty, I didn’t just throw my horse at someone random). O was adorable, she just stood and leaned into that little girl while she was getting her face petted. Heart melt.

She's special.
She’s special.

Giveaway shout out!
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