It’s on the Calendar

Last summer I attempted to show 3 different times, and each time O came up off with some type of ailment. By the end of the summer I was convinced we were cursed. Seriously, I even pretended to not be showing, as if I could trick the lame horse curse that way. It didn’t really work out for us.

This year I am taking a different approach!

I’m announcing what day we are showing! I almost wrote “I dare you to be lame on these days, O”, but then I am not that much of a glutton for punishment. So I’ll just go with the announcement for now.
april 4th
As of now our first local horse show, and first ever show together will be on April 4-6th. I have no idea what we will show in. But dang-it I am putting it on the calendars. Curse be damned.
pink horse jump
I even sent my husband an outlook reminder. Did I knock on wood excessively while writing this?…maybe…but I still did it. Look out April, we have a lot to get done!
important date

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