Even Better

I knocked on wood before writing this.

We had another lesson last night, and O was stellar. She was swingy and relaxed on the flat, we only had one spooky moment and were able to work past it quickly enough.

The best part by far, was the jumping. I think that a lot of things are clearing up for her, and with my new habit of keeping my shoulders back I’m able to get a better feel for her. She’s got an enormous step for only being 16hh, and eats of space at the canter. So we did lots of whoaing into the line and attempting keeping an even pace. It helped a lot that mentally I was a little more on board this week than last, and was able to use my hands and body to help versus creating a mess.

We also got to jump her first solid object kind of jump. It was a brick stair thing that looks much more solid than it really is, however, O did suck back a bit when she saw it. I was ready with lots of leg, and she popped over it easy enough. I really felt like she used her back well over it which is nice, because sometimes she prefers to deer jump things (legs in all directions) when they are new. We jumped around a few more times, and ended on a really good note.

I couldn’t have asked for a better effort, especially after we had a disastrous hack this Monday. It was awful. Let’s not dwell on that.

Yay for good horses!

Treats now!

Treats now!

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