Spurs off, panty hose on

O continues to be forward, and mostly polite about it under saddle, and snuggly on the ground. It’s been a good week. O has been much better than I have lately. With her recent decision that she can be forward (sometimes very forward), instead of her usual lazy self, I’ve gotten left behind a bit! My friend was awesome enough to video a bit of our ride last night, and I look like I’m constantly picking at her. I have spent the past year trying to get this horse to go forward…when it finally does, I pick at her face. What is my deal!? It was super frustrating to see. The nice part is that she is very forgiving and seems to be ignoring me for the most part (I’m sure that will bit me in the ass another time).

We rode hard last night, and horse ended up looking like this.

Steamy horse is steaming.
Steamy horse is steaming.

We have a lesson, the first at the new place in a few days. I think it’s going to be really interesting!

In regards to the title of this post, I’m happy to announce that for the first time since I bought O I have been able to successfully ride her sans spurs this week. With this new level of sensitivity and forward I’ve been able to ditch them for the time being. Which is nice I think.

Also, several people at the barn approached me after her crazy head shaking rides lately and mentioned that their horses had been experiencing allergies early this year because of the sudden warm up. O had problems with allergies last year, so this makes sense. The best/easiest/cheapest solution we’ve found is to slip panty hose or knee highs over the horses nose while you ride. It helps filter out the allergens in the air and ponies seem to not mind it.

However, when you accidentally buy the wrong size. This is what you get.

Not big enough...by a long shot.
Not big enough…by a long shot.

I guess we’ll give it try with a larger size next time.

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