Something New


The first week at the new facility has been amazing! The place is warmer, bigger, and easier to efficiently ride in. However, each time I’ve ridden O has shown herself to be more and more difficult to work with.

Basically she has been a hellion this week.

It started out awesome, she was just forward, then we got more forward, then she threw in some bucking, and finally today she spent almost 30 minutes going wild at the end of the lunge line after my trainer told me she looked a bit loony and may need it.

My attempted to rip my arms off a few times on the lunge and generally just couldn’t control herself, she was so pumped up.


I got on after she seemed to come back to earth, and immediately knew I made the wrong choice. At the walk, she was totally cool, but at the trot she was aggressively shaking her head and throwing herself around. Even stranger was when I stopped to see if the trainer could find a pinch or something on her bridle O would NOT allow her to touch her right ear. Each time we tried she would throw herself away from her. In the end I actually got off, and untacked her and tried to figure out what her deal was. I found nothing to explain her spastic reaction to her ear today. We are assuming hay or something got down in her ear and is bugging her today. I cleaned it out best I could, so hopefully that will mellow her out a bit for tomorrow’s ride.

As far as dealing with her newfound excitement under saddle, I am just planning on riding a lot in this nicer weather, and hoping she takes a deep breath at some point.

Silly horse.


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