Settling In

I’m celebrating the fact that we moved an entire 3 years accumluation of horse stuff, and 30 odd horses all in a matter of 9 hours. We are a beastly crew.

I admit, I wasn’t there the whole time though, but helped as much as I could. I actually drove back later to see O when she moved over.

I found her like this.

Nom nom.

Nom nom.

Obviously she’s a stressful creature.

We had some cuddles, and the hideous northern wind burned me through my jacket.

It was frigid

It was frigid

So I gave her kisses and told her I’d see her after the big winter storm. She was so happy in her new home, and I cannot freaking wait to use the facility. Moving the jumps into the indoor rings made me drool (which promptly froze), because you can actually ride full big courses in this ring and not be running into anything. I will do a full photo run down soon, but know that I am so excited for all of this!

Everyone stay safe during this ridiculous cold!!

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