Equestrian Confessional

I have a confession to make!

Although there are times that being the solo rider at the stable is soothing, and productive for me; for the most part I am a FREAK about being out there by myself. And today was no exception.

It was going to be my last ride at this facility and I felt like it was giving me the middle finger; howling winds slammed the sliding doors, flung things against the metal arena walls, and generally made me feel like I was in the introduction of a horror movie.

Did you hear that??

Did you hear that??

Anyway, I was on a mission. There is a severe winter storm rolling in this weekend (right after the move) so with no set time I will be able to ride again, I had some things I wanted to work on.

O miraculously was standing within 30 feet of her turnout gate, so I didn’t have to go looking for her. I grabbed pony, put on her newly fixed halter (after she repeatedly broke the crown piece this summer), and dragged her in to tack up. Once in, she was clearly telling me she was unsure about all this wind. I decided to give her some time to romp around in the ring with the monsters prior to me getting on her. I toted her bridle along, and we headed in.

At first all I got was this.

The ice monster was there again, she had to investigate

The ice monster was there again, she had to investigate

The evil green hose was replaced by some random snow that needed checking.

The evil green hose was replaced by some random snow that needed checking.

She did eventually leave the snow alone and romped around at a nice bouncy canter for a bit. After the snorting lessened I swapped halter for bridle and hopped on.

First lap at the trot she threw in several rather dramatic spooks so I picked up the intensity and finally got her attention. She was very springy and full of herself, forward and happy. There were a few times we were both a little spooked by scary noises and I ended up sing songy talking to her (I can’t carry a tune AT ALL). Embarrassing,but effective. We had lots of great canter work (finally remembering how to use her back end) and after she did a spotless, happy-eared walk to canter transition I let her cool out.

She got lots of cuddles and we attempted another selfie.

Epic fail.

Epic fail.

After I put her back outside my own spookiness came back full force. With the lights all off, and stuff in all the wrong spots because of moving, I was a mess-running into stuff, forgetting things and losing my keys. I was very glad when I finally made it out of there!

6 thoughts on “Equestrian Confessional

  1. I work at a horse farm and open almost every morning. This winter, when it doesn’t get light until an hour after I have been there, I get so spooky! Every time I open a door I get nervous or jump every time I hear a noise. It REALLY gives me more of an appreciation for spooky horses. If I though a killer was around every corner, I would be on my toes too!!!

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