Cheers to 2014

I am a huge advocate of lists and goals! I have to write everything down, and there is few things on this planet that make me happier than crossing things off of one of my lists.

After I publish this post it shall remain present as a page on this blog to make sure that I don’t forget what my goals are!

I’m going to keep this limited to the horse side of my life.

First and most importantly-keep O sound.
Take O to her first horse show.
I participate in my first horse show since high school.
Convince my husband to ride O english style.
Get our flying changes down.
Feel confident jumping around full courses with consistent pace.
horse jump
Win a ribbon (any ribbon).

Find and buy new tall boots that fit my mammoth calves.
Participate in a clinic.

Yay! Some of them are pretty general, but I think that after this years’ craziness I’m good with that. I cannot wait to get started on working on all of this.

Cheers to you, 2014. Let’s do this.

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