Rhino lost

My recent preventative of tons of sleep, and vitamin C has failed me. I am sick.



It sucks.

What could make that better you ask? You get a text saying your horse has ditched her blanket somewhere in her field and there is the possibility that the ridiculous wind from the sound has whisked the Rhino away. Grrreeeaaattt.

I layered up, grabbed a sympathetic friend and we went to go hunt for it. Thank goodness that the sun is staying out later now, because we managed to find it before dark. O was ‘naked’ and hiding in the far corner. I’d like to say she felt guilty, but she is an EXPERT at getting this blanket off, and I think she was secretly gloating. Jokes on her. I made it that far, I was definitely going to make her work. Into the barn came pony for a quick ride.

We found the blanket still all buckled up...which means she essentially shimmied out of it somehow.

We found the blanket still all buckled up…which means she essentially shimmied out of it somehow. Buckles still holding from their fall time fix.

She cracked me up because she was obviously very eager under saddle, but would remember about one lap into each gait that she was exhausted. I had already been told that with a new horse turned out with her (poor guy) and a neighbors loose horse had set the horses to running like loons all day. Pony was tuckered out.

I called it quits after a short ride, and quickly untacked.

Cute little kids were all over the barn last night, so I gave O to one of them for a minute while I helped her older sister out (and yes, she had been around horses plenty, I didn’t just throw my horse at someone random). O was adorable, she just stood and leaned into that little girl while she was getting her face petted. Heart melt.

She's special.

She’s special.

Giveaway shout out!
Lauren at She Moved to Texas is giving away some denium breeches from Horze that I would love to have! Also, since every pony needs a hat, go check out Danyism’s contest for a bonnet! Cute stuff.

Jumping Around

The pony and I had another lesson last night. We were able to get going and warm up a bit before, and I was pleasantly surprised with how soft she was being, especially with two days off under her belt. She got a little worked up about a scary extra jump standard at one end of the ring, but by the time we were cantering it was old news.

My focus for the night was being soft with my hands, and more objective about my body. AKA, stop yanking on her face. Once she figured out that I would soften and follow her front end, she really gave me some nice canter work. Not consistently yet, but I can feel it coming along.

We moved straight into jumping, with the focus being on setting the pace and setting her up for success. Although I can count the number of times she’s stopped at a jump on one hand, sometimes she will throw herself over, land in a heap and actually stop moving.

The green box almost ate us the first time over it.  Ask O.

The green box almost ate us the first time over it. Ask O.

I’ve had to learn to land and urge her forward, letting her know she’s fine and has to keep going. Last week she tricked me and walked after a scary oxer, before I was able to pull myself off of her neck and get her going. This week I was more prepared. However, can’t say that pony doesn’t have good breaks.

After the first few jumps, we moved into what I called a ‘tour de arena’ because we jumped around pretty much everything. We had a baby horse moment on her first bending line (WHERE ARE WE GOING?!) and some happy mare moments after the first oxer, but nothing crazy. I was so proud of my girl, and how confident and brave she’s been lately. My new favorite thing though is that O is starting to ‘lock on’ to jumps. When we round the corner, or turn towards the jump, she pricks her ears forward and zones in on the jump. It’s adorable.

The second half of the bending line.

The second half of the bending line.

I stuffed her full of treats post-ride and wallowed all over her with pets and hugs. She ate it up.

Being good and standing for me...while watching the cat fight in the background.

Being good and standing for me…while watching the cat fight in the background.

It’s on the Calendar

Last summer I attempted to show 3 different times, and each time O came up off with some type of ailment. By the end of the summer I was convinced we were cursed. Seriously, I even pretended to not be showing, as if I could trick the lame horse curse that way. It didn’t really work out for us.

This year I am taking a different approach!

I’m announcing what day we are showing! I almost wrote “I dare you to be lame on these days, O”, but then I am not that much of a glutton for punishment. So I’ll just go with the announcement for now.
april 4th
As of now our first local horse show, and first ever show together will be on April 4-6th. I have no idea what we will show in. But dang-it I am putting it on the calendars. Curse be damned.
pink horse jump
I even sent my husband an outlook reminder. Did I knock on wood excessively while writing this?…maybe…but I still did it. Look out April, we have a lot to get done!
important date

Trucking along

This weekend O and I have kept up the good efforts at the canter, using my body to bring her back off of her forehand. I keep repeating in my head, ‘less hand, less hand’ as we truck around. She’s been very good, and responsive when I ask correctly. When I don’t it’s like holding onto a freight train. A plus though, I am getting a crazy good core workout from all this new positioning, and my legs have been burning at the end of rides.

It was a toasty 55 degrees yesterday so I took advantage of the better weather and took O on an adventure to the new back riding field! It has a great flat area, and then several good sized hills for conditioning. We took a few walks up the bigger hills, and I loved that she felt pretty fit. Next time we’ll take it up a notch for some trot work on the new hills, and I definitely see this becoming more of a routine as it gets warmer.

Hill walking pro

Hill walking pro

New field riding area

New field riding area

Temperatures dropped about 40 degrees last night, and is going to be horrible cold the next few days. So I tucked O into her big blanket and will plan on seeing her as soon as we can (realistically maybe Wednesday).

All bundled up!

All bundled up!

I’m sure she will capitalize on this free time to stuff herself on the hay bale, and chase around some unsuspecting pasture mate.

Or maybe playing with the barn cat

Or maybe playing with the barn cat

Stay warm everyone, it’s nasty out there.
Watching the cold front blow in....

Watching the cold front blow in….

Estate Sale Gold

My Aunt called me a few days ago and said she found something amazing for me at an estate sale.

How cute are they?!

I love them!




Classic...the shot glass has the rider falling off..

Classic…the shot glass has the rider falling off..

In O news, got her feet trimmed and they look great. Life is good!

Fuzzy pony.

Fuzzy pony.

Even Better

I knocked on wood before writing this.

We had another lesson last night, and O was stellar. She was swingy and relaxed on the flat, we only had one spooky moment and were able to work past it quickly enough.

The best part by far, was the jumping. I think that a lot of things are clearing up for her, and with my new habit of keeping my shoulders back I’m able to get a better feel for her. She’s got an enormous step for only being 16hh, and eats of space at the canter. So we did lots of whoaing into the line and attempting keeping an even pace. It helped a lot that mentally I was a little more on board this week than last, and was able to use my hands and body to help versus creating a mess.

We also got to jump her first solid object kind of jump. It was a brick stair thing that looks much more solid than it really is, however, O did suck back a bit when she saw it. I was ready with lots of leg, and she popped over it easy enough. I really felt like she used her back well over it which is nice, because sometimes she prefers to deer jump things (legs in all directions) when they are new. We jumped around a few more times, and ended on a really good note.

I couldn’t have asked for a better effort, especially after we had a disastrous hack this Monday. It was awful. Let’s not dwell on that.

Yay for good horses!

Treats now!

Treats now!