Hose-1 Us-0

O is not excited to be ridden.

O is not excited to be ridden.

This week O and I have been on two very different pages. With the weather we struggled to find time and arena space to really do much. We managed a few lunge outings, and one so-so ride. Yesterday I only had a few minutes and thought, how cute would it be to just bareback it around. Maybe we just need a cuddly ride, and less pushing for a day.

Fuzzy pony was very herd sour on this particular morning, so I dragged her in and threw her bridle on her. She was totally chill and agreeable when I hopped on. We walked and trotted around a bit. She’s really pretty comfy bareback minus her hideous canter.

One of the trainers came in to water the indoor for the lessons that day and we struck up some conversation while she moved the hose in. O continued to be a sloth and jog around the ring quietly. However, once the big green hose had been uncurled she wanted to take a look and blow through her nose at it a bit, but that was that. We even managed to stand by it. I gave her a big ole pat on the neck, and told her she was such a good girl. My trainer walked a few feet away and connected the hoses.

And the big green hose we were standing on…yeah well…it flung itself at us, spraying water and mud.

O’s heart must’ve stopped.

Her front legs completely splayed out and her front end practically dropped to the ground. I sort of remember pulling on the reins to drag her back up. No luck. Hose continued slithering around, and O decided she would get us the hell out of there. Or rather she would get herself out of there. Because at that point she threw my butt on the ground and high tailed it across the ring.

My trainer ducked back in, and seeing the situation quickly grabbed the hose and helped me wrangle my distraught beast. Pony was still pretty hysterical, but seemed almost bashful about dumping me. She followed me back across the ring, her head at my lower back as we reintroduced the hose to her. This time it just got the stink eye over my shoulder a few times. Then me and my sore butt climbed back up on my beast and did more walk/trot work and made her trot around, over, and even through the hose. She kind of giraffed around a bit, but I was still proud there was no more meltdowns.

I have some pretty sweet rein “burn” from attempted to stick on, and a nice bruise on my backside, but other than that it was pretty funny.

My first fall since high school.
O and I-0

The enemy!!

The enemy!!

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