I like to move it.

So I think I’ve figurd out what O is getting for Christmas. And even though it’s not thing something edible I’m guessing she’ll be pretty happy.

We are moving!

Cannot wait to move!

Cannot wait to move!

I’m not sure exactly how much I’m mentioned this, but the stable I currently ride with doesn’t actually own the property we ride on. My trainer leases the space/land like many other riding groups in the area. Since my “stable” or riding group has grown, and added two other trainers (one as acting barn manager) and several dozens of students and horses, we have officially outgrown our facility.

Beautiful, but the same pond that took at least 3 shoes off last year.

Beautiful, but the same pond that took at least 3 shoes off last year.

The hunt for a new one was kept pretty quiet, it’s competitive market around here. But earlier this summer my head trainer announced that we are moving end of the year. The new place is lovely, and has not one, not two, but THREE rings, one of which is a fabulous indoor arena that dwarfs our current facilities. And the fields, turnouts and stalls are wonderful. Even the office space is better (AKA heated!)! And yes, there is heated water/indoor washstalls and everything. Ahhhh dream come true!

We weren’t sure when we would be able to make the leap to the new facility, but it turns out it will be right after New Years. I’m thrilled!

7 thoughts on “I like to move it.

  1. ahh that’s so cool! the same thing actually happened to my trainer! except board is 200$ more than I currently pay so I won’t be able to move back with her until I graduate, and maybe not even then for a little while 😦 hopefully one day though. I hope you enjoy the new place! sounds amazing!

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