This is the longest I’ve gone in a long time without posting. My apologies, the temperatures have continued to be horrible, I did make it out to check on her, but the footing wasn’t thawed enough to ride. I did get a text on the one warmer day, my trainers words…”I looked up and she was hauling ass around the (40 acre) field…by herself. No idea what she was doing.” I have a special horse. At least she didn’t wipe out. And hey, the glue mended fixed blanket totally stayed with her.

Anyway, the big news was that today I had my second lesson on O since August, and since we’ve been cantering. It was over freezing finally, and the footing felt great. O felt awesome, and my trainer couldn’t stop saying how sound she was. Knock on wood (several times).

We’d done a few little baby x’s, and about 100000 poles since she started rehab. But today, we had our first “in program” training lesson. We are talking cantering, trot changes, working on the bend, and yes…we freaking jumped!! We started her out on some larger x’s. Which is good because apparently she forgot how to jump for a second, and totally jackrabbited it.

The first jump kind of felt like that.

The first jump kind of felt like that.

But we did it again, and again, each time getting more and more smooth. Then we added another jump, and then another. We finished doing a little 5 jump course with a bending line. Pony jumped it SUPER cute. We decided she had done far better than we would’ve expected and she got tons of pats and cuddles. I may have shrieked a bit on course at one point because she was jumping so good. And just because we were jumping anything!!

One of the jumps we did!

One of the jumps we did!

Baby roll top that O jumped super cute.

Baby roll top that O jumped super cute.

The best part is the fact that she was a total pro about the whole thing. She had her strong, flowy canter going, would jump in strong and do the stride, and land looking for the next one. Ears, up she felt so fit and strong through the whole thing. And God knows I was waiting for the tiniest evidence of any pain or unsoundness, but all I had was a quiet, confident little mare.

Needless to say. I’m a tiny bit giddy. However, we still have to wait and see how she comes out of this lesson to see how we proceed forward. But it feels good to see how happy and healthy she is.

O loved all the extra attention she got today.

O loved all the extra attention she got today.

7 thoughts on “Fit

  1. Ah, I was about to say: That seriously is the cutest baby roll top ever! Then realized that’s basically what Lauren said, haha. But seriously, it is! And I love the last picture of you guys. So glad you had a great lesson! Wiz is definitely feeling much better now, too- he runs around the pasture all of the time now. I NEVER saw him break an amble at the old barn, lol!

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