Like a Real Horse

After a much improved ride earlier this week, canter included (even if it was just a lap or so), I asked my trainer to put me on Olive in a lesson today. I was pleasantly surprised that she agreed! I really wanted to work on O’s work ethic/attitude and get a big refresher on my eq.

O was thrilled.
Olive ready

The lesson went fabulous!! O was such a good girl, and although she started stiff we quickly worked out of it. Her flatwork was really nice, and quiet. She was much more fit than I thought she’d be, and WE WENT OVER A JUMP! It was like 6 inches tall in the middle, and she didn’t have to break her trot stride to get over it….but it was still a jump! WOOT, WOOT!

It also felt amazing to have my trainer utter her magic words and fix my eq. Sometimes it just takes a trainer to say it and suddenly it all works! Seriously, magic!

It’s supposed to be under 20 degrees the next two days, and less than 10 on Friday. Ouch. O is getting her big blanket and is officially back on the training board!

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