Blanket Doctor

I’ll be honest. I have a tendency towards being cheap. I accept and embrace this trait.

O hasn’t been blanketed yet. Yes, I was a super bad pony mom and didn’t blanket her during the bitter cold days last week. However, until yesterday we weren’t sure if O would spend her winter here with me, or taking some time off at the ranch where NO blankets are to be seen. So I didn’t want to blanket prematurely

Now that we know she’s taking the next step and continuing her rehab/training program she needs her blankie.

Yah…except last spring O attempted to destroy her lovely blanket, so it had a few interior tears and the frickin’ straps were ripped off. Instead of taking it to a blanket shop hubby and I attempted to put it all back together. After she gets it later this week I’ll keep you in the loop on if this adhesive does all it says it can!

The goo in question.

The goo in question.




A special thanks to the hubs for helping me out with this!

A special thanks to the hubs for helping me out with this!

Also we cantered this weekend. I forgot how bouncy she is. She forgot how to carry a rider. It was ugly. Looking forward to working through that this week.

5 thoughts on “Blanket Doctor

  1. Thanks for thinking of Wilbur the past couple of days! I don’t think home repairs on blankets is cheap at all- that stuff is expensive and adds up year over year! I repaired the hole in my fly mask with dental floss!

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