Real Work

Last night was a break thru ride, mentally, for both O and me. We all hate it when our horses are hurt, and pushing them when they are off is hard. I’ve battled with the idea for the past several weeks during her rehab program, and inevitably created a bit of a monster in my horse. She had zero work ethic, and like I’ve talked about before, offered some attitude when we went into tougher workouts.

Not last night though, it wasn’t about just plodding along, over-thinking every step she took, worrying about her snarky attitude at the beginning. About 10 minutes in, I was pissed, and pretty tired of her evasive behavior. So we worked. And worked. And worked some more. It was real work, carrying herself, lengthening, collecting…I was frickin’ thrilled.

Sorry about the blurry pictures, but you can see that she’s obviously feeling better!




After the 40ish minute trot work I had this lovely soft, quiet horse whom I hadn’t seen in forever. I gave lots of pats, and “good girls” and got the heck off. I wanted to end on that great note.




Lessons learned:
She will work out of the attitude, patterns, circles help.
She is definitely fit enough to be working like this, no more excuses.
Don’t be so afraid of my spurs.

Cheers to progress and more rides like this! I think we are both ready mentally, and she’s ready physically!

My cutie!

My cutie!

11 thoughts on “Real Work

  1. That’s one of the hardest things for me too! Wiz gets stiff, and attitude-y, and I hate to push him through it. My trainer got on and rode him through it and when I got back on, holy crap! Whole ‘nother horse. And he obviously felt better too. I try to liken it to humans. I don’t necessarily like exercising, or stretching, but if I do it, and do it enough, I feel WAY better! It’s the pushing through that’s the hard part! πŸ™‚

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