Like every good rider/horse lover I keep a long and involved list of things that I really need, things that I am obsessed over, and things that I could actually get.

For example:
Things I need–A revamp of my equine first aid supplies. We went through quite a lot this summer, and I badly need some refills.
first aid

Things I am obsessed with–

Not that I need a new saddle....but if I did...

Not that I need a new saddle….but if I did…

It's like a superhero cape...but for your horse.

It’s like a superhero cape…but for your horse.

…and there is a lot more where that came from…

However, the items that are going to make it to the top of my christmas wish list are the following:
New paddock boots for me
Leather halter for O
Saddle pad (maybe with my new monogram?)
First aid revamp
Liniment or something similar for O
Always in need of more horse cookies

What are you all asking for this holiday season?

Go check out these great contests going on!

My Equine Odyssey has this great Equi-Spa gift cards giveaway that I would love to win, then O can get some of the cool muscle wash and balm.
I’m a new follower of Forging Fiction, and love her “thankful” contest.
Amy at Slow and Steady has a cinnamint Higher Standards saddle soap to give away! I love winter scents.

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