Pedicure for Pony

not impressed
I finally got out to see my horse yesterday, and thankfully she didn’t seem to hold it against me that she’d been able to eat all week rather than be ridden.

The farrier came out and was very very pleased with how her feet are looking. Backs are near perfect, and the front now just have “normal” horse shoes on them. We’ll see how she does with them.

Yay for normal shoes!

Yay for normal shoes!

Husband also came out to see how she was, since the last time he saw her she was SUPER lame. He seemed really pleased and happy with how she’s looking, which makes me very happy. Have I even mention how much O loves him? Seriously.

Taking his holding job quite seriously.

Taking his holding job quite seriously.

Cuddle sesh anyone?

Cuddle sesh anyone?

When I’m on her, I’ve noticed that she feels much more sound, than if she is just trotting around a lunge line, which is confusing to me. Going to the left, there is still the teeniest bobble. Going to the right she looks fab. Hopefully we can continue to work through this, and that more conditioning will be the solution.

Floating teeth time tonight! So she’ll get the night off, then back to work tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Pedicure for Pony

  1. your husband and pony are so adorable! pretty family 🙂 I’ve just come to accept that Wiz will always have the ‘bobble’ until he gains strength. Hopefully they’ll both continue to gain strength and get better and better!

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