More Rain

This might be O's idol.  She strives to look like him every chance she can.  (Stole this from Stacy Westfalls blog)
This might be O’s idol. She strives to look like him every chance she can. (Stole this from Stacy Westfalls blog)

Dear lord there was water everywhere this week. Seriously, highways were shut down.

My horse has been rather neglected this week due to the crazy weather and work schedule. When I did see her she was covered in mud, amped up, screaming like a wild stallion, and even pawing at the ground. I was so surprised I actually checked…it really was my horse under the splatter of mud. No idea where the crazy attitude came from. It quickly disappeared after she was tacked up. Apparently she really likes her new turnout. (?)

Our ride was good, she was mostly willing and happy, even though her enemy number one was in the small indoor with us. The big red mare largely ignored us, but with plenty of pinned ears and swishy tails.

The latest discovery in the “how can you possibly still be lame” saga is that she looks more sound, the more I pick my hands up and use them. If I drop my hands (bad habit) she will quickly go back to bobbing her head and looking lame. I’m guessing that is some kind of weird side effect of her hip issues? When she has to stretch through and use herself the lameness disappears (mostly). That’s some serious motivation to get her working. Other than that she was mostly sound and pleasant to ride! She’s now kept her shoes on for almost 5 weeks and I am thrilled! Those suckers get expensive.

In other news: we must do a photo update soon. My trainer actually had said that it looks like she is starting to get some abs again. My girth would be so happy if that’s true. Chunky O pony was putting it to work getting all the way around her.

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