Questions and Contests

I’m considering upping the ante on O’s supplements. With all this talk about pre-arthritic changes and the wear and tear that young racehorses get from training and the track, I think I’d like to add a bit to her very simple current plan.

Currently O gets only Farriers Formula to help keep her tootsies in working order. I also love that it gives her an extra nice sheen to her coat!

I’ve looked into Smartpak, and got way overexcited about all the options. First response…buy EVERYTHING. Okay, so on second thought not a good plan (for O or my budget).

So I wanted to throw it out to the universe…what supplements (if any) do you use for your horse that you really think helps them? Favorite brands?

I’m considering some joint supplements, and perhaps adding a bit more hoof care options down the line. So let me hear it people!

Also, on a similar note, saw this giveaway at The Owls Approve and would love to try some of Elite Equine Evolution’s antifungal shampoo! O get’s the worst fungus on her legs, and I’d love to see if this can do a better job than my past attempts. Check out the shampoo here or any of their other great products!

12 thoughts on “Questions and Contests

  1. I use magnesium and red raspberry leaf for my mare. Have you ever heard of Pennwoods? My friend just raves about how much this line of supplements have done for all 3 of her horses and I have seen the improvement in them in just a few months.

  2. Supplementing is very personal to your environment and your horse. That said, my horse is not currently on any supplements — I am considering a joint supplement and a probiotic in the (near) future.

    I’ve used SmartFlex Senior and SmartShine with a lot of success — I liked both, they did their job for my teenage gelding and the free shipping I then got at SmartPak was nice.

  3. I prefer to go the proven route and use an injectable for joint care. Currently I use adequan. Had no results with smartpak joint supplements but lots with adequan. Stampede gets lysine (supposed to help skin issues) and salt. P just gets smartdigest ultra for his tummy troubles.
    Be careful with what you choose. I tried a consultation with Uckele and a month later stampede had at least one seizure while getting LESS than they recommended (only 2 supplements in less amounts than suggested) and his blood work was way off. Took him off everything and it went back to normal. Never again would I trust a supplement company’s advice.

  4. I am on a budget sooo Wiz is on:

    Dumor Shine (Tractor Supply’s version of Omega Shine)- Helps with hooves, coat, intestines, and immune system. at 30$ a bag which lasts me 2+ months, super affordable, and one of the reasons I think Wiz didn’t really show his EPM symptoms for a while because of all of the immune boosting and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

    Vitamin E: I just go and buy the 800iu bottles at Walgreens and throw two in there every time. He eats it. It’s suppose to help with inflammation. I’ve honestly seen a difference since I’ve started giving it to him in the way he moves. I started giving it to him because of the EPM stuff.

    Animed Digest: It’s like 20$ for a huge tub of it, and it helps with his digestion. He use to have runny poo and I think this stuff has really helped- and much cheaper than the Smart Pak Digest crap, which didn’t do anything for him.

    In the summer: One scoop of Dumor Electrolytes, more if we’re at a show etc.

    I’ve considered adding msm into his diet, and will add a maintenance joint supplement after I graduate and can actually afford it šŸ™‚ If you’re on a budget, we use Dumor Joint supplement at our barn a lot- and honestly my trainer said she liked it way better than the expensive stuff. I think it’s 45$ for a 45 day supply.

  5. Dude! I don’t have a comment from you about sharing this. :*(

    But, as far as supplements go: Archie had ZERO response to his hock injections and Adequan. I found that Chiropractic work was really beneficial, but I keep him on supplements, too. Even if he’s just pooping out my money, I feel better about it.

    He stays on OneAC for anhydrosis year-round. He gets a half-dose during the winter months and a whole dose during spring/summer/half-of-fall.

    He’s on Gleam and Gain Supreme 60, but I can’t really testify to it yet. I felt like he needed a little boost since going on pasture board. I will say that my horse has never been as dark as he is right now, but I don’t really think he’s gained weight or anything. It’s been less than sixty days, so the verdict is still out. I’ve had him on Fat Cat before, but it made him too “hot”.

    Archie is also on SmartFlex Senior. He’s been on it for years. I picked it because it had pro/pre-biotics and happy fats, so I was able to cut out the Fat Cat. With his arthritis, I wanted something with a little oompf and this one has MSM, Glucosamine, Chondrotin, and hyaluronic acid. I feel that it’s the best bang for my buck.

    In the summer, I also add an electrolyte because the beer and the OneAC sometimes make him sweat extra. And Georgia.

    • Palm to face moment on my part! I’m guessing I attempted to post (failed) then forgot to hang around and check. Oh well! šŸ™‚

      Thanks for the run down, I have been loving the recent chiro work I’ve done to mine! She loves it. And, like you said, it has worked when injections did not.

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