Questions and Contests

I’m considering upping the ante on O’s supplements. With all this talk about pre-arthritic changes and the wear and tear that young racehorses get from training and the track, I think I’d like to add a bit to her very simple current plan.

Currently O gets only Farriers Formula to help keep her tootsies in working order. I also love that it gives her an extra nice sheen to her coat!

I’ve looked into Smartpak, and got way overexcited about all the options. First response…buy EVERYTHING. Okay, so on second thought not a good plan (for O or my budget).

So I wanted to throw it out to the universe…what supplements (if any) do you use for your horse that you really think helps them? Favorite brands?

I’m considering some joint supplements, and perhaps adding a bit more hoof care options down the line. So let me hear it people!

Also, on a similar note, saw this giveaway at The Owls Approve and would love to try some of Elite Equine Evolution’s antifungal shampoo! O get’s the worst fungus on her legs, and I’d love to see if this can do a better job than my past attempts. Check out the shampoo here or any of their other great products!

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