I have read this article three times now. It’s the story of a cute little appendix mare (I have a soft spot) and her young rider who come together through hard times and have found great successes together. But the part that I love the most is the quote from Phoenix Cooke.

“It’s pretty amazing that I’m privileged enough to have a horse,” she said. “I don’t have a $100,000 horse, but she’s a lovely horse. There are a lot of people out there who don’t even have a home, and I have a horse. To be privileged enough to have a horse and be able to do this sport is truly a blessing.”

Even during all these hard times with O, the indecision about how to treat her mystery injury, and what the next step of the journey will be; I am reminded how lucky I am to even have her in my life. As a little girl I dreamed of the day I would have my own horse. As a young adult, I made it happen. True, it isn’t easy…AT ALL. But I make it work. Because I want to. A love for this sport starts with true love for your horse.


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