Down in the Dumps

I admit it. I’m struggling.

O, regardless of what others have said while I’ve been gone, feels like the same, lame pony that I started rehabbing three weeks ago. I know that’s not a huge amount of time, but I somehow expected her to be different. Or at least lose some of that weight. I don’t feel any change.

Tonight I thought a nice bareback ride would cheer me up. O currently looks like a big, fluffy couch so it was pretty fun. Plus it was cool and her body warmth kept me all toasty.

Blurry...but you get the point.  Big, fuzzy, fat O.  Plus me.

Blurry…but you get the point. Big, fuzzy, fat O. Plus me.

Te he. It reminded me of this:

Anchorman anyone?

Anchorman anyone?

Tuesday, it was still light when I got out there, so I was able to take some update photos. I don’t see a lot of changes at this point, but still thought it’d be interesting.

Early September

Early September

October 15th 2013

October 15th 2013


Anyway, feeling a little down today about this whole thing. Hopefully I can bust out of this mood soon, and keep pushing onward.

8 thoughts on “Down in the Dumps

  1. Has her feed been cut back too? If not, she may not be getting enough exercise to really get the weight off quickly. I hope you see some improvements soon, I know it’s frustrating.

    • We’ve cut her feed, and now she’s only getting her supplements plus hay. And she’s been ridden at least 5 times a week for the past 3ish weeks. We aren’t cantering but there is lots of trotting and conditioning work. Minus my bareback ride from last night which was more relaxed! She’s such a chub still! And thanks, trying really hard to stay positive, it’s just hard sometimes!

  2. It’s hard to see weight changes when you are around every day. Start measuring her with a weight tape once a week and I bet you will notice a difference. Sorry she’s not becoming as sound as you like, hopefully it’s just because you are feeling for any possible bobble.

  3. Haha she is getting pretty fat- but maybe she just knows it’s going to be a rough winter! I’m really sorry though, that’s so frustrating and really depressing 😦 I really hope there’s some improvement soon…

    Sometimes when they’re just a touch lame, you have to just keep riding them through it. Either they will get stronger and better, or worse so you know there is actually something really wrong. I hope she gets stronger and better, though!

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