One foot after the other

We are officially in O’s second week in pony rehab. She’s gotten her 5 workouts a week, and seems to have taken to it well. Also, her belly is definitely looking better. Thank goodness her girth was barely making it on. I’ve been really pleased with her mindset and willingness, especially for a horse that was not fit at all. The hills still make her work a bit, but that’s kind of the point!

Are we ready yet?

Are we ready yet?

In one ride, she felt AMAZING, and was totally engaged and stretching her hind end. I even heard her clinking her shoes a bit. As strange as it is, for a horse that has been short in the back end for months, hearing her overstep was kind of a happy moment. In other news: thank god for bell boots. We still have all 4 shoes as of now! However, still trying to not get excited…the next time I saw her go this week, she was really ouchy. So who knows.

Rode a lesson horse for my lesson this week. He’s a nice fella, someone I rode quite a bit before the O purchase last winter. I had a rough time mentally, the whole time I’m going around I’m thinking about O and how I wish I was on her. Conclusion…it’s really hard to move on without your horse. As far as I know, O won’t be back into lessons until her full 2 months are up. So it’s probably a good idea for me to get over that about now, so I can stay in shape for whatever comes next. It did feel great to jump again.

We’ve been walking a lot lately. Inspiring some oh so nice horse selfies. I would fail as a photographer. Especially with my iphone. Ta-da!

During one of our outings!

During one of our outings!

8 thoughts on “One foot after the other

  1. I know what you mean about riding another horse- but sometimes that’s good!! It helps you appreciate your horse more. Like when I was just riding Wiz for 9 months, sometimes I would find myself thinking “oh I wish he was more like this horse or that.” But then I got on this mare at our barn and rode her around, and while she was really fun, I got off thinking “OH THANK GOD I HAVE THE BEST HORSE IN THE WORLD!” It can be a nice reminder how much you really love your horse! 🙂

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