Mini vs. O

I have a feeling that over the next 50ish days my reports of “O trotted great today” and “O was kind of off today” are going to get a bit old. Hence I am going to spice up my weekend report from Miss O, with a non-undersaddle standoff. O and the mini that lives at our stable are buddies. The nuzzle, nip, or generally just ignore each other. It works. However, as the temperature dropped crazy fast this year (40 degrees overnight) many of the horses, including said mini, didn’t cope well with the change.

Solution 1: Put it in the office. It only lasted for a few minutes until trainer arrived to find a mini standing at her desk eating cheese-its wearing a random horses cooler.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Solution 2: Drape mini in the smallest horse sheet we can find and send it outside to bask in the sun. This solution definitely went over a lot better.

Much warmer now.

Much warmer now.

O was a good girl for our ride, and although she was a little off, the best part was definitely while we were hand grazing afterwards. O was maybe 40 feet away from the mini’s outdoor turnout when she caught sight of the draped, and now very cozy mini. My quiet, level-headed mare then transformed into a stallion-esque, blowing, snorting, and foaming hot mess. I probably didn’t help because instead of trying to reason with her, I took the opportunity to snap some pictures.



Don't worry.  I won't let it get us!!

Don’t worry. I won’t let it get us!! (commences pawing)

It is definitely coming closer Mom!

It is definitely coming closer Mom!

Probably a horrible mom for laughing and taking pictures, but it was adorable. Mini never blinked an eye. Apparently my horse isn’t very threatening.

12 thoughts on “Mini vs. O

  1. Well she looks very lovely as a fire dragon! And the mini story was adorable 🙂 Yeah, Wiz is about to go back into work whether he likes it or not… (a) he’s kind of crazy when he’s not in work, and (b) he’s only slightly off, so idk what to do except for try to get him slowly back into shape and see if it sorts itself out. ughhhhhh. they both need to straighten up!

    • Seriously-these ponies need to knock it off!
      But so far being back in work going pretty well for O. Giving their brains something to work helps I think. Also, I know she will be less crazy in turn out! Sending positive, SOUND thoughts to both of our horses.

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