Quality Grazing

Last night it felt great to ride my friend’s horse again! She was quiet, responsive and sweet. Also, it felt great just to ride anything!

While Miss Grey Horse cooled out and got her dinner, O and I spent some quality time grazing, and wandering around.

I have definitely learned from the chiro about some unusal signs (AKA things I didn’t know) of her ouchy hips. For example…


The chiro says that she tends to stand like this (all the time I feel like) because she is protecting the left side of her body. While the other side takes the blunt of her weight. Interesting!

In other news-we have officially moved into the “fat as a cow” stage and have no neck or top line. I guess a month off will do that to you. Especially when it happens so much.

Pedicure for O tomorrow, so excited to see if that makes her feel a little better!!

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