Munching Away

My horses new occupation? Eating. Or at least as far as she is concerned it is. She’s been cleaning up her hay, playing her new bff, and waiting to be groomed (and grazed some more). It’s a hard life.

However, until Thursday, that is the life she gets to lead. New shoes will definitely help put a focus on our plan for the next step. My brain won’t listen to reason and is definitely getting ahead of itself. Currently have about 53 different plans of action that I could take pending O’s condition after her pedicure. Some are a bit wild, some a bit more realistic, but I’m not ready to talk about any on here-or more seriously until the post shoeing experiment.

My friend decided to save my sanity by letting me ride her mare a few times this week since she is out of town. This big grey girl is a lot of fun, and about 100x more comfortable than O….so it will be much easier on my “I’ve had a month off of riding” issues. Here’s to sore legs and too much thinking!!

Also. A thought.


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