Chiropractor Says

After the chiropractor appointment on Friday we were told to give O a full week off to let everything take affect.

So after I got back from all my work traveling, Miss O and I have been spending some quality time grooming and grazing. Her belly is getting HUGE, however, besides her topline I feel like she is maintaining some of her muscle. Good news, I think.

We will trot her out later this week and see how she looks. Until then I am enjoying this gorgeous, cooler weather. Keeping my thoughts positive!

Pony pictures! I missed my girl!

Olive headshot September

Olive September graze

Oh and a picture of O enjoying the Chiropractor!


2 thoughts on “Chiropractor Says

  1. A whole week? That seems weird to me. My chiro told me to ride the next day and I did and he was AMAZING! Seems like she still needs to be kept moving or something but what do I know!? Her socks are soooo cute!! Hope all the work fixes her up!

    • See that’s what I was hoping for!! However, I’m guessing she had pretty extensive adjustments for them to tell me to wait a week. But this is also my first experience with this chiro.

      I am so anxious to see if it all worked!!

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