Some New Tactics

After O’s lameness episode Wednesday night I was really nervous, and ready to hear what the Vet was going to say today. Sadly, I did have to work today so I was counting on the post-exam phone call from the vet.

His eval was that while she was still lame, she was still better than last week! While I am extremely disappointed that we didn’t get the immediate reaction (instant gratification addict right here) we were looking for, he seems to still hope that the IV Legend is going to work it’s magic.

One perk is that he did acknowledge what I’ve felt these past few rides, which is that under saddle she is more sore! So we officially have booked a saddle fitter and massage person who is coming out early next week to see O and double check my saddle fit. I’m also waiting on a call back about when the chiro can come out and check her out. Really hoping that any one or a combination of these tactics help O feel better!

Some not so great photos (she wouldn’t stop moving-it was getting dark-it was HOT) from this week. But at least I remembered to take them!

Trying to convince her to take a cute photo.
Trying to convince her to take a cute photo.


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