After the First Round

O got her first injection of Legend IV last thursday, and so she got some major TLC over the long holiday weekend, and started being ridden (by yours truely) as of yesterday.

Tuesday: O jogs out like a beast and is totally sound. She even gets a “whoop” out of my trainer. I run around the stable yelling (not really-but I might have well as been) about O being the bestest pony in the world. Things are looking up. However, when I get on O, my secondary trainer who was teaching in the ring keeps having me circle, change directions, leave her face alone, asking how she feels. Message to me says that something still isn’t right. And O, well she feels a bit broken from the saddle. Her head is bobbing-almost weaving, she doesn’t want to canter to the left at all, but her movement is otherwise fine. Boo. We do a very light workout and decide to see what happens tomorrow at my lesson. I leave feeling a bit deflated.

*Note: Had to drop O’s girth a whole hole down-CHUNKY GIRL. A week plus off of work and she’s managed to go from this….

O on Aug. 22nd.

O on Aug. 22nd.

to this…
Someone's been getting her grub on.

Someone’s been getting her grub on.

Wednesday lesson: Well it ended up not being a lesson after all. As soon as we moved up to the trot it was apparent how lame O was. According to the vet and our trainers, O should be sound and functioning now with her meds. So why is she lame? Same question we’ve been asking since the end of March. The vet was so convinced this was going to help her, so the frustration at my house and even amongst my trainers is pretty high. We all want her better, but we just can’t seem to find the right path. Once again the vet will be out tomorrow, and I will be questioning whether or not Legend is really the correct path for her. And if it isn’t, then what are we supposed to do next. Still keeping my hopes high, or trying my best to do so! Hopefully tomorrow will bring better news.

15 thoughts on “After the First Round

  1. Make sure she is checked all over! With stampede the vets kept saying it couldn’t be his back because he was moving so well. For the longest time the only symptom he had was a reluctance to go forward and a feeling that he wasn’t moving quite right. Sometimes the real issue is hard to find. I got a bone scan to find mine. Totally worth the money for me to find the answer. Keep it in mind and consider how much you are spending each time the vet comes out.

    • Since these meds have had no effect I’m really jumping in the back sore bandwagon. It would help to explain a lot of the random lameness I think. I’m going to make sure she gets another all over exam today…because I would REALLY like to stop paying them to keep coming out with no results!

      • I’ve been there, trust me! My boy did three different trials of meds all with no response including bute, robaxin, and previcox.
        At least you have the advantage of your horse actually being lame. Mine was not right but every vet would declare him sound so I had to wait until he finally showed something. Sometimes it would be nice if they could talk!
        Hopefully the vet finds something that helps her this time!

      • Oh my that would be so hard! To know they aren’t okay, but not be able to show it. Urgh. Frustrating. Glad to hear your boy finally got figured out :). Hoping mine does soon!

    • This most recent round of unsoundness (starting 2 weeks ago) we switched to a new vet hoping to get a fresh perspective! It wouldn’t be so hard if I just knew we were doing the right thing! Thanks, maybe good news will come from today’s visit.

    • I am so excited about her seeing the Chiro-I think they can work wonders.

      Hahaha! She’s a good eater-what can I say? Although, I hope she’s about at capacity because I really like my girth!

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