And the answer is…a bit fuzzy?

After vet visit number 2 of this week, he thinks we have our answer. However, I do feel that veterinarians have a different view on what an answer is. Ha!

O’s hooves were great (yay farrier), and after the x-rays from visit number 1 being so clean, I began I get a little anxious that once again we were going to be out of luck. However, he began flexing her, and got a pretty big response from the joint right above the hoof, the smaller pastern bone (sorry don’t know scientific term for it!). So we shifted to focusing on that as the starting spot. He prescribed 3 rounds of Legend IV over the next 3 weeks, bute, and wants to see her again next week after her second dose. Noting that she may need more rounds of this type of treatment in the future.

I admit I was a bit flustered and emotional at this point. It took me a few minutes to hook O up in the crossties, so I could gather what is left of my wits about me before talking to him more. He was really nice and said that its not the end of the world, and that this is what he’d do to his horse-that he thinks it’s the best optional available for her. I couldn’t help it, but in the back of my mind all I can think of “patch-job, patch-job”. I know that’s hopefully not what this is, but I can’t shake that stereotype that its not a permanent fix. Urgh. Oh well, looking on the bright side-if it’s working we should see results very soon!

My trainers were both super positive about it, so I just need to focus on making her comfortable, happy and sound! Hopefully this does it!

Anybody have any personal experience with the legend IV stuff? I’d appreciate any extra info.

7 thoughts on “And the answer is…a bit fuzzy?

    • I’ve used adequan on a gelding I rode back in high school, and really liked it. However, the horse then was an older, been-there-done-that, jumper…I guess I never pictured my green “baby” using the same product! Thanks for the input!

  1. Don’t feel bad about your “pity party,” it’s absolutely normal. I was CRYING when Wiz got kicked, CRYING! And it wasn’t even that bad! But it’s our baby, and it’s okay for us to get emotional! I’m still depressed about the EPM! But hell, we all fall apart eventually. Everything is sort of a “patch,” if you think about it :\ I do hope it helps her feel much better though!

  2. And note on adequan- I used polyglycam once a month on an ouchy older horse I was riding… WHAT A DIFFERENCE. And much cheaper than adequan. Might be something to consider as well. Really helps their joints all around.

      • I think it was like 70-90$ for three doses? It kind of depends on what vet you get it through. It does have to be given intravenously, though, so I couldn’t do it. However, my trainer knew how to give meds that way, so I let her do it. If your trainer knows how might be a good option. It’s not as long lasting as some of the others, but I gave it about once a month and saw good results.

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