Reminiscing Part 1

Ollllllddddddddddddd picture I stumbled upon while cleaning up my computer.

After one of our horse shows.

After one of our horse shows.

She was really the first horse I’ve been head over heels in love with. She was my whole life from age 14-16 (maybe longer-it’s bit fuzzy now).

16.2hh Thoroughbred Mare
Chestnut mare
Fiery as hell
But a kick-butt partner in the hunter ring

Around the same time I turned 16, my “baby” was sold to another rider at the stable who, thankfully, turned out to be amazing for her. The same owner still has this mare, they are happy and perfect together. And better yet, after 5 years of not knowing, I happened to run into this same mare as she moved back to the stable I now train and board O at. Isn’t that amazing? Now I get to watch her do her thing, and occasionally sneak to her stall to give her some extra love. She’s still stunning, even in her late teens. And of course, still kicking butt at shows.

8 thoughts on “Reminiscing Part 1

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