Separation Anxiety

It’s been a little difficult this week to be away knowing that my horse is:
1. Still ouchy
2. Had a saddle fitting/massage, vet visit, and chiro appointment. All of which I missed. 🙁

I know she is in the best of care, but I still wish I could be there to see what’s going on! On the other hand, I have been so busy I can barely remember my name right now.

Here’s a quick picture of her getting her massage on tuesday!

O looks like she's confused.  But who doesn't love a massage!!
O looks like she’s confused. But who doesn’t love a massage!!

Thought I might share a few pictures from my random travels-it’s been a long week!

On my way through California-INSANE temperatures!


I did manage to squeeze in some pool time, and watch the cute ducks enjoying the pool water! How funny are they?

Getting my tan on with the ducks!
Getting my tan on with the ducks!

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