Brand new shoes

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Before I start my ramble on O’s farrier visit, I’d like to announce (if anyone cares) that I am giving Bloglovin’ a try! My phone really dislikes the wordpress app, and after some strange reposting and moving of past blogs that happened in the last week I’ve decided that perhaps a new path is in light. So here we go-trial run!

In other O news, we LOVE our new shoes. O has been feeling 150% better with the latest round of shoeing. The vet and farrier had a long talk and decided to put in some hypoxy (sp?) in her front right to keep her low heels from getting ouchy against the ground. We’ve also removed the pads on her feet. It seems to be working! And O is sporting some BRIGHT blue “goo” (the hypoxy) on her front right that people think is fun. Whatever works.

It was an insanely long week I feel like, full of lots of confusing thoughts and plans. The biggest shock/news I think comes from the fact that Saturday I lunged O and she trotted around almost sound. Just a teeny bit off in the back. What you say? A sound(er) horse you say? I know. Insane. Anyway, I rode her for the head trainer today and she also was super pleased with O’s progress and thinks that it was the chiro that is making the difference. Her answer to why it’s taking so long to see any progress is due to the fact that O has somewhat off this whole summer…and is probably used to it being uncomfortable to move correctly. The more she realizes it doesn’t hurt anymore, and the more she can get rid of that stiffness, the more we will see a change. For now, I’m just happy my pony is feeling so much better.

There is so not a definite answer to what kind of riding horse she will be in the future, but for now we aren’t going to count anything out.

Olive loves her farrier!



Quality Grazing

Last night it felt great to ride my friend’s horse again! She was quiet, responsive and sweet. Also, it felt great just to ride anything!

While Miss Grey Horse cooled out and got her dinner, O and I spent some quality time grazing, and wandering around.

I have definitely learned from the chiro about some unusal signs (AKA things I didn’t know) of her ouchy hips. For example…


The chiro says that she tends to stand like this (all the time I feel like) because she is protecting the left side of her body. While the other side takes the blunt of her weight. Interesting!

In other news-we have officially moved into the “fat as a cow” stage and have no neck or top line. I guess a month off will do that to you. Especially when it happens so much.

Pedicure for O tomorrow, so excited to see if that makes her feel a little better!!

Munching Away

My horses new occupation? Eating. Or at least as far as she is concerned it is. She’s been cleaning up her hay, playing her new bff, and waiting to be groomed (and grazed some more). It’s a hard life.

However, until Thursday, that is the life she gets to lead. New shoes will definitely help put a focus on our plan for the next step. My brain won’t listen to reason and is definitely getting ahead of itself. Currently have about 53 different plans of action that I could take pending O’s condition after her pedicure. Some are a bit wild, some a bit more realistic, but I’m not ready to talk about any on here-or more seriously until the post shoeing experiment.

My friend decided to save my sanity by letting me ride her mare a few times this week since she is out of town. This big grey girl is a lot of fun, and about 100x more comfortable than O….so it will be much easier on my “I’ve had a month off of riding” issues. Here’s to sore legs and too much thinking!!

Also. A thought.


A Fork in the Path

This post took me hours to finish, and at least 2 breakdowns. I’ve decided that horses turn even the most sensible of people into big, emotional messes that inevitably turn to negative thoughts. I completely admit that these past 6 months of various mysterious injuries and lameness with O have definitely led to me becoming this person. Which I hate, by the way.

However, today was the day that I finally got at least partial answers about O and her issues. Today was the meeting with my trainer to get the full download from O’s various appointments last week.

A disclaimer. None of it was great news.

First: The chiropractor told me more about O’s past than I’ve known in the 10 odd months of owning her. The chiropactor agreed that O had a significant amount of work that needed to be done to make her feel better…He also agreed that in her short life before being with me, O had a rough time of it, and may have suffered a serious trama. Whether it was at the track or as a track pony, we don’t know. After hearing this though, my trainers did some calling around and found out that the man who bred/trained O when she was a racehorse has a crappy reputation with his horses. 😦 That pisses me off!

Secondly: O is still lame. And on a lunge looks to be exactly the same amount of lame as she was a month ago when we first noticed it (again). She is due for shoes, but my trainer doesn’t think that is the issue. All the injections, the bute, the stretches, special appointments, and time off did nothing. It’s rather heartbreaking.

That being said, I feel like the bottom line that came out from this meeting is that the chiropractor, along with various opinions from the vets and farriors (yes-we have 2), there are some serious concerns being raised about O’s future as a jumping horse. These recent and continuing lameness issues have sparked a lot of debate and worry. At this point I’m trying really hard to not focus on the fact that O might not be my jumping partner ever again, and most definitely will not be my future Adult Hunter. I want to focus on finding a way to make her healthy and happy! I love her, and it’s torture to know that we still don’t know what is wrong. Next stop is shoes. And in the meantime, lots of love and treats for my girl.

Chiropractor Says

After the chiropractor appointment on Friday we were told to give O a full week off to let everything take affect.

So after I got back from all my work traveling, Miss O and I have been spending some quality time grooming and grazing. Her belly is getting HUGE, however, besides her topline I feel like she is maintaining some of her muscle. Good news, I think.

We will trot her out later this week and see how she looks. Until then I am enjoying this gorgeous, cooler weather. Keeping my thoughts positive!

Pony pictures! I missed my girl!

Olive headshot September

Olive September graze

Oh and a picture of O enjoying the Chiropractor!


Off I Go

I’ll be traveling a bunch this week, and I’m not sure what kind of updates I’ll have, or how much time I’ll have to do them. I’m going to rely on my fabulous trainers, friends, and husband to keep me up on what’s going on with O. Sadly, I am going to miss two of her appointments this week. The massage lady/saddle fitter, and her 3rd dose of IV Legend. And of course, I’ll obnoxiously checking my phone as a jet around this week hoping for more information.

I saw this on L’s blog, Viva Carlos and thought it would be something fun to fill out!

1. Whats your horses name and how did they come by it?
O or Olive (the name she came with). My husband started calling her O (he thought it was really cool), and since I wasn’t a huge fan of Olive, it got shifted in that direction. Other nicknames include, Ollie, pony, and cow (when she’s being slow and/or fat).

2. What are your favorite breeches?
Tailored Sportsman are an obsession.

3. Tall boots or paddock boots and half chaps?
Currently schooling in tall boots, although I’d prefer to only use them for show. That would however, require me to pay up and buy or fix my paddock boots. Time and money I don’t have right this second. Hoping to get them fixed after all my travel.

4. What brand of tall boots do you have(if you wear them)? If you had an unlimited budget what would you get?
I’m a sucker for Ariats. Nice and simple. I’d definitely grab a pair of the Monoco Ariats, however, I have never had custom boots so that also intriques me!

5. Favorite Helmet
I love GPA helmets.

6. Shows or no shows?
I earned my keep (and extra lessons/rides) from working horse shows as a kid! I haven’t shown now since before college and I am craving it! I miss the whole shabang, and can’t wait to get back into it. Until then, I have helped at a few shows and loved every second.

7. Jumping or flat work?
I think flatwork is the basis for everything we do in riding…but yes, I LOVE to jump.

8. Hunters, Jumpers, Cross Country or Derby’s?
In a perfect world, I’d love to do Derby’s! But for now, I’m hanging with the Baby Hunters and loving it. Did some jumpers stuff in high school and thought it was a blast.

9. What other disciplines have you ridden?
Did western pleasure, pole bending (I was awful), cattle herding (with the in-laws). I’d love to spend some time with eventing (how cool is it!?), but so far haven’t had the opportunity.

10. Dressed to the nine or whatever you can find when riding?
For lessons I like to wear a polo (tucked in), breeches, hair in hairnet, gloves. However, it’s frickin’ hot here…sometimes riding tights and a tank top is just 180% more comfortable.

11. Where do you shop the most for you? Your horse?
Smartpak, Dover Saddlery, Horsez

12. When was the last time you rode and what did you do?
Urgh… Friday the 23rd…tried to figure out what was making my horse lame. I’m going to be horribly out of shape next time I ride.

13. What tack do you use every ride/day?
I love my saddle, it’s a devoucoux and my best friend. So hoping that the saddle fitter this week is going to tell me it’s not the problem. Also, O goes in a rubber snaffle, front boots, the same girth I’ve had forever (no idea who it’s from), and a Suffock bridle.

14. What are your horses color(s)?
Stable’s colors are blue and yellow….We have a lot of navy stuff. It looks really nice on her. However, my husband wants it to be purple. So yeah, still working on that.

15. How often do you clean your tack?
Oil when it needs it. Usually it get a quick wipe down after every ride of two, and then cleaned once a week or so.

16. What kind of bit do you use?
Hopefully O will love her new rubber snaffle she got the same week she pulled up lame. We couldn’t really tell if it was helping or not because we were staring at her legs.

17. Mares or Geldings?
Mares. I think there is a lot to say about a mare’s attitude…and passion. I like it!

18. What is something you want to improve on in your riding?
As far as my equitation goes, I constantly have to worry about my “broken” hands/wrists. They are a huge problem, and judges have commented in the past on them. Also, I wish I could make my body more quiet…

19. Favorite horse themed quote?
I love the “train like you’ve never won, show like you’ve never lost”. No idea where I’ve seen it.

20.What was your most recent equestrian purchase?
O’s new bit! And a bump pad (which isn’t enough bump and is going back).

Happy Monday everyone!

Some New Tactics

After O’s lameness episode Wednesday night I was really nervous, and ready to hear what the Vet was going to say today. Sadly, I did have to work today so I was counting on the post-exam phone call from the vet.

His eval was that while she was still lame, she was still better than last week! While I am extremely disappointed that we didn’t get the immediate reaction (instant gratification addict right here) we were looking for, he seems to still hope that the IV Legend is going to work it’s magic.

One perk is that he did acknowledge what I’ve felt these past few rides, which is that under saddle she is more sore! So we officially have booked a saddle fitter and massage person who is coming out early next week to see O and double check my saddle fit. I’m also waiting on a call back about when the chiro can come out and check her out. Really hoping that any one or a combination of these tactics help O feel better!

Some not so great photos (she wouldn’t stop moving-it was getting dark-it was HOT) from this week. But at least I remembered to take them!

Trying to convince her to take a cute photo.

Trying to convince her to take a cute photo.