Win a Horze leather halter!

I’m here to share She Moved to Texas’ contest for a lovely leather halter from Horze. I myself am a big fan of Horze and enjoy shopping both online and in person (at the Rolex this year they had a great shop set up), and I LOVE this halter. I’m a bit obsessive about leather halters though. They just look so good and I haven’t bought one for O yet!

The reason that I think O deserves it is because after months of battling issues with O breaking “out” of her halter when tied (see story here), she has decided that his is indeed a bad idea, and now stands nicely for her people. Since I feel that I can now trust her with a shiny new halter I’ve been scouring websites and tack stores for the best one for the best price. So this is perfect timing for her reward for being so good!

Enter here for your chance to win!

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