Trying to stay positive

After our disaster lesson on Friday, O got saturday off, and I went to check on her Sunday. She looked happy enough, munching hay and rubbing a HUGE section of her lovely black mane off. Just great-she looks ridiculous. Urgh.

Once I got over the loss of her pretty hair, I let her loose in the indoor to see how she was moving. After the inital trot steps I didn’t even have the heart to push her much more. She was very lame still, seemlingly in her lower back right hind. She didn’t want to move, let alone trot, so it can’t be feeling very good. Poor baby. She got some loves, and the day off yesterday too. Making today’s vet visit (later on) very ominous to me.

Here are the things I am currently stressing about:

1. Maybe I broke her. (I know this isn’t really true-but doesn’t every owner think that when their baby is hurt?)
2. Maybe this kind of work is just too much for her.
3. Does she need another injection? This soon? And on my 7 year old?
3a. Can I really mentally handle injecting her all the time like this to keep her in work?
4. Absess? Maybe?

I’m really lucky to have a trainer who is as crazy about her horses as she is her riders (probably more so really), and who is a huge fan of O. She will be there to make sure we get all the answers I need and questions asked. Definitely feeling a bit nervous!

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