Earlier this week I had no less than 3 people comment on how sound and happy O looks lately. Each and every time I responded, while secretly scrambling to find something wooden to passionately knock on. It’s the week of the last schooling show for our stable. C’mon people don’t curse us!

Well I must’ve knocked on sheet rock or something instead of wood because as seen in our lesson yesterday O was back off again. My trainer actually peeled off all of her bell boots and such off of O’s legs hoping there was a rub or something since the “off-ness” was really inconsistent. With boots off she trotted out perfect! I was so relieved! And also a bit annoyed-what a goober. Lesson went on, and came to a messy stop after we cantered to the left. Yup, she was off again. Very minor, my trainer said, but enough to stop us from jumping. She decided to school her Friday before the Saturday show and hope it was just her being high maintenance.

I ended up being very frustrated at the end of the ride, mainly because it wasn’t great for me or O and since she was sore it made the situation much, much worse. I kind of trudged around the barn moping after, frustrated that I can never keep this pony sound, blah blah blah the usual pity party. Solution? Had a drink and watched baseball!

Fingers crossed that it was something simple (I.e. her royal highness was unhappy after stomping her own flies that day) and she’ll get to feeling better soon.

I know there is plenty of other shows, it’s just hard to keeping having such bad luck! Horse show weeks may just be cursed for us!

Demon O.




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