Are We Done Yet?

O is a smart little mare, and like many horses she has come to recognize the standard ride. Walk, Trot, Canter, both directions. And for a long time, especially when we were trying to get her back in shape (multiple times) that was the law. So hence, my smartie pants pony has decided that once we’ve cantered both directions she is checking out.

Now that we are adding things like quick changes, to our workout she’s got to realize that she’s done when we finish our WHOLE workout. Yesterday’s ride wasn’t as bad as others, but if she shut down and went into sleepy-checked-out-horse mode, she got to work more. More cantering, more collection, more upward and downward transitions, whatever I could think of to make her focus on her work continuing. In the end, after much leg and circles, she gave me a lot of great effort, and instead of constantly asking “Are we done yet?” I feel like she was willing to keep the momentum until I thought we had truely wrapped up this lesson. Also, she was doing her “cute trot” at the end, which I loved. People around the barn called it her swagger trot, and it feels like we are finally getting it back (after months of on and off soreness). Yay us!

This is the schooling show week, which means any day she is due to tear off a shoe, or two (as per the last 2 horse shows). Fingers crossed that good luck is with us, and she keep them all on and sound until Saturday!

Getting her graze on post workout.


Gorgeous evening!


Apparently the best grass is mostly under my chair. Goober.


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