Sun Up

I have totally fallen in love with my early morning rides! And since most kids are back in school now, I had the whole place to myself yesterday. Even O was perky and ambled happily around the ring! We worked on my equitation, focusing on me staying out of her face.

She was a total sweetheart and responded well to my leg, I kind of pinched myself while we cooled out…she has been so excellent lately! I do attest most of this to the fact that I think her toes feel much better in her new shoes. Thank god for farriers!

Funny note for the day-
I actually forgot to bring a hairbrush to work this morning, and had to go shopping at 7am on my way into work to shower and get ready. Once I got clean, dressed and brushed my hair (with new hairbrush) I made an even worse realization. I didn’t had work shoes. I had riding boots, I had rainbow rain boots, I had flip flops, I had running shoes, but nothing that really went with my black pencil skirt.


Luckily after making it to my desk (in the flip flops) I stumbled upon some random flats I had there! Woot! They even kind of matched! Another day saved by my messy workspace.

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