An Educated Guess

Of course after our “breakthru” ride last week, I ended up having houseguests during the weekend and being very sick on sunday. So O got some lovin’ (and a killer workout) from my great friend who keeps her mare at the same place. The report was that O was reallllllly lazy at first, but was a good pony in the end. Yay!

I felt a bit better Monday so I went ahead and lessoned on Miss O. SO glad that I did. We had a rough start (it was grossly hot/muggy), but after we got going I felt like things were coming together a bit better than last week. I still struggled with keeping my shoulders (especially the inside) back. O was WAY better than I was, and once again it’s disappointing to realize that you are the one making the horse make mistakes. But my trainer had a great point. We are now to the point with O where when I ask for something, O is actually thinking it over and making an educated guess about what she needs to do. We started out months ago just wanting a positive reaction from my cues, now we have to fine tune it. It’s so fun to see all those lightbulbs so off between her ears! She’s starting to get it. Now I just have to be more precise as to not confuse her.

We focused on rythym, rather than “the spot” or distance to jump from in our lesson. Just ride the line, and the rest will figure itself out. I did really well over poles, but of course the first time we headed towards a vertical I ditched the motto for the day and basically screamed “OLIVE GO!” at the long spot while proceeding to crawl up her neck. She quietly said no, put in a baby step, hopped over the jump, and I ate a mouthful of her mane in the process. Opps! We gathered our wits (mainly mine) and spat out the hair in my mouth (I need to learn to close my mouth-I have it open a ton when I ride). The next jumps were amazing and she jumped them so cute and round. Ah! So proud of her, and I was proud I stopped stressing about the distance rather than the canter. Baby steps! Still totally embarrased by my first jump, but I guess that’s why you practice right?

At least I didn’t fall off.

Sweaty pony after her workout.


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