Back to basics (for me)

After a week of chaos and lots of non-horse related commitments I finally got to spend some much needed time with my pony! Our disappointing (on my part) lesson earlier in the week left me with a bad taste in my mouth regarding my own abilities and issues. I worked so hard today on my own problems, and addressing them one by one, starting with my new “lean and pull” thing I’ve been trying out (and failing horribly with). I left O alone and concentrated on my body and equitation for the first time in months. I also dropped my stirrups and stretched thru my leg, let me seat control the pace and stopped bugging my horse every 2 seconds.

The result was a fun, happy, and productive ride! O was happy, and actually became softer and more relaxed as she realized I wasn’t going to bother her. While its disappointing to see how I was negatively affecting her, it was thrilling to ride a horse who again was enjoying her job! She paid attention, went around with ears “happy” and gave me a great few minutes at the canter. The gait we struggle with the most.
With that ride under our belt we left the ring feeling positive, and sweaty. Still a long way to go, but it feels better. O got a full bath and treats and as as dried I thought we might try a true face to face meeting with the mini and O. Here are the cute pictures that ensued.
o and mini cute

O and mini meet

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