I was so proud this morning! I dragged my sleep deprived self out of bed, into riding clothes, and down the highway to see pony before all day conferences at work.  Woo for me waking up!

What I wasn’t aware of was that the barn’s locks had been redone, and even the combo for door with the extra keys had been changed. Palm to face moment.  Dang.

So I was left locked out of the tack rooms with my rolly polly fat pony, brushes, and a lunge line/whip.  Everything else had been neatly tidied up and put away the night before.  Since it’s before 6am and I knew my trainer had been traveling/showing all day yesterday I tried to leave her alone and create some other type of activity for O and I.  To the lunge line we went.  O was less than pleased with me stealing her breakfast time, and gave me a few nasty looks as I groomed her in the stall and threw on a spare halter.  She perked up and was excited to be in the ring though, but preferred to pretend to be scared or stare off into the fields instead of working. 

Pretending she can't hear me.
Pretending she can’t hear me.

After so long I realized that the only one getting a workout was me, and O was completely checked out.  Rather than continue to drive her around the ring, I gave her some loves and tossed her back in her stall.  This workout=not exactly what I was hoping for.  But at least she got out and went around for a bit, and I got some cardio work in.  Definitely need to up the anty and ride her well tomorrow.

Arena sand was WAY more interesting than me.
Arena sand was WAY more interesting than me.
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