Stormy Wednesday

After my not so pretty lesson Monday I was pretty excited for O and my early morning (6am) ride today! The barn is usually deserted and we have some quiet time together before the chaos of me getting my butt across town, showered, professionalized (dress code at work) and onto the day job.

However, today was a whole different enchilada. It was STORMING, like crazy cats and dogs style rain with lightning and thunder to match. Visibility was pitiful and I found myself on the floor of my bedroom stalking several weather websites hoping for good news. I got zero. It was going to pour rain all morning, and get beautiful about the same time I would be sitting through training at work.

I’m sure O is pretty excited about her training day actually being a vacation to cram herself full of hay and hit on her new stall neighbor (very cute bay TB). I, on the other hand, was totally bummed though! I was on a “let’s get that fixed” kick, and want to get started ASAP. Grr. I really love my job, but thought this was cute and fit the moment.


Good news though, we still have all 4 shoes! Hurray!

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