Positive thinking-results!

I’m feeling pretty great about my glass half full thinking lately! Plus this past week I got a lot of great news.
First off-O was sound on Thursday and was quite content to strut her stuff during our lesson! She was fabulous, and I really starting to figure out what I need from her, and vice versa. We worked on getting her consistently light in the front end because that girl can get heavy on her forehand, especially when she gets tired. She responded well, now we just have to develop the muscle memory and strength to do it all the time.

Once we started working over a course, our good flatwork experience showed. She was relaxed and soft, and just so close to getting her flying changes! We just can’t seem to figure out those pesky hind end changes! Hence more work in figure eights, and lifting the front end. Looks like we have some homework! However, I just have to say how grown up she is being about the actual jumping. She still loves the long spot rather than the short, but is doing less rocket jumping (thank god) and is becoming more relaxed. This lesson we added a new jump: it was blue, it was a plank (very scary), and it was on a shorter bending line. All the ingredients for a rocket ship kind of take off, so you know how excited I was when she quietly cantered over it several times. Yay for brave O! We ended on that and both my trainer and I were thrilled with the results!

We also had a fabulous hack on Saturday, she was soft, responsive and went around happy with her job. I consider that a win too!

And finally the best news of all! My farrier was able to do O’s shoes today!



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