SWOT for O

I saw this one a few blogs lately, and I LOVE this idea.  Since I work in the PR/Marketing world, and do SWOT analysis kind of thing for clients all the time, I can’t believe I didn’t think of giving this a try for O.  Anyway thank you for the fabulous idea.  Here we go:

Strengths: Great personality.  Overall fitness level (a little fat-better than when we bought her).  Great family support.  Great training staff.  O is brave and honest when she’s ridden.  O wants to do what you ask.  Husband understands horses and O.  I have a fabulous job I love.

The husband and me.

The husband and me.

Weakness: Struggle to clean up her feet.  Confusing lameness issues this spring/summer.  Time crunch for me between work, home, horse, etc.  Additional finances for showing (down the road).  Not great fit for her turnouts (they are fine, but she’s just really picky/needy).

Opportunities: This area has great local shows.  I have a great farrier and relationship with him.  We are moving to different, and better facilties after christmas.  We are going to try her in full front pads and back shoes.  I am changing my schedule to ride early AM so I can better spend time at home and on horse. 

Threats: Her continuing soreness/foot issues… This one scares me a lot though, I love my girl! 

After a lesson last winter!

After a lesson last winter!

Cute jump last winter!

Cute jump last winter!

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