Waiting on News

Last weekend, I noticed O being a bit off at the trot while I was lunging her. I have her a nice cold hose, and a few days off to relax and hopefully bounce back. As of yesterday she was still off and off to the point that I got my trainer involved. I think the ouchie in the front now and am a bit worried. So here I am at the day job, biting all my nails off again. I’ve been pretty positive up until this point, but it’s hard when you baby is hurt (4-legged or otherwise)!

Lucky for me while I was posting this my trainer texted me!

When my trainer looked at her today she said O wasn’t too bad and to give her until our lesson Thursday and see what happens. Urgh, more waiting-I suck at waiting. Fingers crossed that this was a random situation and not a “real” problem!


(O is tired of working at the walk too!)

Daily dose of cute-the barn’s mini has started her therapy training and has the cutest whinny when someone walks down the aisle. It’s adorable.


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