Happy(er) Mouth

I was extremely excited to try the loose ring bit on O yesterday, after our fail with the double jointed happy mouth the last ride I was feeling hopeful. I got out the bit, adjusted the bridle and popped it in her mouth. Within 2 seconds this is what I had on my hands….20130724-145239.jpg
The pictures don’t do her reaction justice, she apparently get quite strongly about this bit, and actually held her mouth open. Once I made her walk the aisle-hoping she was just being over-emotional, she had worked up a foam by the time we got to the cross ties. Ears still back, mouth still partially open. I changed my mind-and decided to give the happy mouth one more try, this time a simple dee ring happy mouth.
It was so much better! Perhaps it was the double joints that were bothering her the first time because she went just fine in this one, quite happily actually. The ride was only so-so. I spent the first half thinking she didn’t feel good because she was so “looky” and lethargic. After a spank on the butt (totally deserved-the witch actually kicked out at our friends in the ring) she seemed to realize, after a few half-hearted hop/buck things, that she might as well get to work. I rode her hard the second half, partially to play with the bit, partially because she obviously needed it.
Sassy thing! I think her smaller turnout is definitely changing her attitude. Having more horse doesn’t bother me, having a cranky one does! Hopefully we can work out of that, and put that brain to positive use.
Her new thing-licking the stall walls….


and after she got in trouble…
Pretty night at the stable-it was actually under 90 degrees! Heaven!


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