One Bit Down

I was extremely excited to try O in the new happy mouth bit, borrowed from another sensitive mouth horse at the stable. However, as soon as I got on I knew something was not working. If it would’ve been possible O would’ve been going backwards the whole ride-she was so unwilling and pissy! Not her style at all. Hell, at the canter I actually had to put my hands all the way up her neck, and leg hard just to get her to keep going. If there was so much as a fraction of contact with her mouth, she would slam on the breaks and give me a couple of angry hops. I got the message loud and clear-the happy mouth was a no-go. Yikes!

Anyone ever used a loose ring bit? My trainer is hoping it might be a better fit for her, and we’re going to try it on Monday. And we’ll see what happens!

In the meantime we are working on ground tieing….

Here we were doing really good, and then she discovered I was unable to stop her from investigating this tack box. Baby steps!



And no laughing at her mismatching bell boots, that girl couldn’t keep both on to save her life-hence the mismatching.

8 thoughts on “One Bit Down

  1. I ride all horses in loose ring double jointed snaffles :). There can be a difference in the size of the ring and the weight of the bit. Some horses go better in just those differences, so keep experimenting!

  2. Lol I had the exact opposite. I started Wiz in a simple broken full-cheek, and upgraded to a loose-ring. But the more we progressed (when we were trying to actually get him to accept contact) the more evasive he got with the bit, chewing and tossing his head and not wanting to go forward. I haven’t tried a happy mouth, but I tried my trainer’s no-name thick rubber D and he loved it, so that’s what we use now.

    I have two loose ring 4 3/4th and one 5 inch somewhere I believe. Need one?

    • Now I’m all confused! She barely tolerated the loose ring in her mouth, so I switched to a different rubber dee ring and she was so much happier! So perhaps this is our solution? Horses are so fickle sometimes!
      Thank you for the bit offer! :). Really nice of you!

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