Lunchtime Dash

I tried something new today….I missed my chance to ride before work, and needed to check on my pony …so I actually went during my lunch break! I moved O around as to not be in the way of the riding camp that was going on. I only got about 2/3 my usual ride in but O was so good! She’s obviously feeling better!
However, I am hating her “new” summer look. She’s sooooo bleached! Note to self-perhaps next year buy a uv/fly sheet combo to keep her a little more her normal color!
This week has been absolutely insane at my day job; a total roller coaster. So very excited for the weekend. Getting a chance to relax with the hubs and have some nice rides on O would be my ideal! Cheers to the weekend everyone!

One thought on “Lunchtime Dash

  1. I bought a UV/fly sheet combo to try to keep Wiz from bleaching but I can’t say it worked that well :\ I mean, better than in the past when he goes from dark bay to completely copper, but he is still getting coppery around his tummy. I’m trying to change his diet and see if that helps next year. So frustrating! And I love lunch time rides when I can squeeze them in πŸ™‚ Glad O is better!

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