Back at it!

O shocked us all by being perfectly sound and a little on the spicy side (probably because she got the weekend off) tonight! We had a fabulous lesson and worked on keeping O consistent and relaxed into her frame. She was doing so so great, and I was thrilled with how attentive she was to my requests. We are actually looking at switching her to a “happy mouth” but because we thing she’s unhappy with her current bit. She’s so much more aware and soft this will be a better path for her.
We jumped around a little course and she was fabulous! Such a proud mom here. She even landed on her leads a few of the times! The other times she’s trying for the change, not that I’m pushing for it at this point, but just can’t quite figure it out She’s almost there!

Cuteness alert: the stable adopted a rescue mini…it’s adorable!! And only 32 inches tall!




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