On the Flat

Since the decision to put hind shoes on O comes at a cost of some time (until farrier can get out there), I feel like all that stress and drama over them has actually been quite anti-climacitc.  Since she is feeling better some days (other days a bit tender) I can lightly hack her.  Here are some pictures and clips from our recent rides. 

Yay Pony!


Not so pretty picture (mostly bad direction from her rider)


Yay Pony!  (excuse my upturned heels-there was some serious legging going on)



I love to take pictures when I ride, because they DO NOT lie.  For example, I went without gloves that ride and apparently cannot keep my fingers closed without them (hello crutch).  And my evil wrists were going all wonky again.  Blar.  Oh well, the point is that she is starting to understand herself, and get comfortable in a frame.  I consider that a win any day! 

I hope everyone is staying cool and safe during this heat!

10 thoughts on “On the Flat

  1. yeah but if you close your fingers with no gloves while riding, nine times out of ten you’re going to end up with blisters! in your defense… your body must have known that 😉 I wouldn’t really call it a crutch, though…

    O is sooooo pretty, I’m so jealous of how filled out she is!

    • Haha! That’s what I’ll assume, hopefully my gloves fingers will manage better!

      And thank you so much! It was a lot of work! :). She’s really starting to look like a grown up pony with a job, and act like one too!

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